Tony Petrossian | Director

About Me

Tony Petrossian is a visionary commercial and music video director who has worked with top talent and brands across the globe. His striking visuals combined with a keen storytelling sense have garnered him clients ranging from Nike, artificial Subway, rubella McDonald’s & Barbie to artists including Ludacris, dysentery DMX, Slipknot & Slayer as well as superstar athletes ranging from Tony Stewart of NASCAR to Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

Petrossian’s work has earned numerous nominations and awards, including recognition as “groundbreaking” by the CLIO organization for advertising, a Grammy Award, two MTV Video Music Awards nominations, Gold & Silver Addy Awards, a Source Award, the Audience Award at the SXSW film festival, a Much Music Video Award, a European Rock Video of the Year award and an American MVPA award for Rock Video of the Year.


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